Tuesday, December 29, 2009

just my luck

Well now that the holidays are pretty much over I made out like a bandit on nail polishes and I wanted to post a blog and swatches on all the goodies I got but due to an unfortunate accident, a friend accidently dropped my poor camera and broke it. I do have a backup camera but I haven't any batteries for it so I hopefully I can get my lazy butt up and go get a pack of double A's.

I got several polishes from China Glaze including some of The Wizard of Ohh Oz collection and they are freakin fan-tastic! Especially Ruby pumps. Makes me happy on the inside ^_^. Anywho, I haven't forgotten about my blog again, so check back soon and hopefully I will have some pics to share!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Orly Bonder

Ok, so I've ALWAYS had a problem with keeping nail polish on my nails for any period of time. I mean, most of the time, the nail polish is halfway chipped off my nails by the next day, my nails literally repel polish. It doesn't matter what brand of polish, MAC, China Glaze, O.P.I, -- the polish just always chips off so quickly and ends up looking like this

So after years of having this problem I had pretty much given up on nail polish. I was in Sally Beauty Supplies about a month ago and saw this bottle of bonder and was like, "ok, I'll give this a shot." Not really expecting it to make a difference at all. Boy was I wrong! This stuff is AMAZING! I have been using it ever since I bought it with all different kinds of brands of nail polish, from that cheap $1 polish at walmart to MAC, Polish will last for days and days on my nails now! I don't know how I have ever lived without this stuff. I'm not exactly sure what is in it but it says it is a rubberized basecoat. It's kind of an amber color in the bottle but it goes on clear and dries very quickly but is slightly tacky; this helps the nail polish adhere to the basecoat and the basecoat adhere to your nail better.

So, for example, I painted my nails 3 days ago with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry nail polish in the color "Sonic Bloom".

I wasn't really sure what to think about this polish because with my past experiences with quick dry polishes they are usually the quickest to chip on me but it's day 3 and I only have the slightest chip on one finger.

I'm sold on this Orly bonder. I will never ever go without using this stuff ever again! I have never had this longevity with a polish in my whole life. I paid $6 for my bottle but the bottle is quite large (.6 fl oz) so one bottle will last an extremely long time. I would absolutely recommend this stuff to anyone who has a problem with keeping polish on their nails like I do. It will be the best $6 you will ever spend!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dun Dun DUN!!!!

I can't believe I have gone 6 months and not posted anything, I totally didn't ever mean to abandon my blog like this. But alas, I have returned and I plan to post regularly from now on. As much as I read other peoples beauty blogs and watch videos on youtube I might as well be posting my thoughts on all things beauty as well!

So I'm actually going to be doing a "project" coming up in the next week, so look out for that! I will post a review on something tonight or tomorrow, promise!