Monday, December 27, 2010

A cheaper alternative to Beyonce's Heat perfume!

Hey guys, Just wanted to share this great find with you all! I was shopping in Cato clothing store recently and when I was ringing up at the counter they had a few bottles of perfume on the counter. I noticed this really cute red bottle that reminded me of a genie bottle and smelled SOOOOO good! The cashier handed me a box of the perfume called "Hottness" and told me it was an impression of Beyonce's famous Heat perfume. I absolutely loved the spicey, incense type of scent it had and when I noticed the price HAD to have it. It was only $5!

So after going into Target about a week later they had an actual sample of Heat and it smells exactly like Hotness to me. The small bottle was $40 at Target! So, if anyone of you are looking into buying Heat I would suggest you run to your nearest Cato and snag up Hottness, it smells exactly the same and I think the bottle is way cuter than Beyonce's!