Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Life

This post isn't really beauty related but I feel like I need to rant a little bit being it's a new year. I'm really hoping 2011 will be kinder to me than 2010 was. In 2010 I lost my house which in turn forced me to drop out of college and move 4 hours back home to live with my parents. My boyfriend and I were living together in Lexington, NC and now he lives with his brother. We also loved our most cherished pet and what we considered basically our child, our pot bellied pig, Fester. Loosing him was really the biggest hurt I've ever felt in my life. He died so suddenly, there was nothing we could do to save him :( I think about him every single day and have pictures of him all around which does make me feel better- He's always with me.

I also had to quit my hellish retail job in Lexington when I moved back home. I didn't mind quitting my job but looking for work since I've moved back has been absolute hell. I had a really great paying job as a 911 Dispatcher, a job I absolutely loved, but after 3 months of working there I was laid off because my idiot boss is incapable of doing her job correctly and miscalculated her budget and couldn't afford to pay me and 2 other employees that she hire- thus laying us off. I'm currently on unemployment which is really not helping all that much. I'm searching for work constantly but nothing yet. My car has also been acting up a bit over the past few months since I've moved home and have had to get my parents to pay for all the work it's needed. Of course now that it will be paid off in a few months it wants to act up.

I'm really hoping 2011 will be the turn around year for me. I'm thinking about taking a phlebotomy course that is offered in the fall, and on top of that medical coding so that way I can hopefully, always at least have a part time job on my own terms. My long term goals are to get a good paying job and save my money up for probably at least 2 more years then try and move to Raleigh. I have always loved Raleigh, always something to; museums, shopping, eating, site seeing, concerts- you name it. I love the way the city looks and the feel to it, it's like there is electricity in the air. So anyway, I'm just hoping I can get a break at life this year, hopefully sooner than later and I can accomplish the few small things I'm asking for out of life. Here's to 2011!

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