Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Silver Holographic Chunky Flakey Nails

Hey everyone! I thought today I would share with you all a mani I did over the summer. I Really liked the way this came out but it was honestly a total pain to accomplish. I used Sinful Colors nail polish in "Let's Talk" as my base. It's probably the most beautiful purple polish I've ever seen and it was only $1 at Walgreens! Then I used some really thick, chunky holographic silver flakes I got from Sally Beauty Supply and layered them over my final coat of Let's Talk so it would adhere better to the nail. After I let it dry for about 2 minutes I had to put at least 8-10 coats of Seche Vite over it because the flakes are soooo chunky that I could just feel the edges of them and it was driving me crazy, you know like how if you put a chunky glitter polish on and you don't add a top coat and it feels gritty? I just hate that, everything has to be smooth lol.

So the final result was gorgeous in the sunlight. The holographic element of the flakes really sparkled and was so vibrant and I loved how it looked against the purple polish. The one thing that really sucked about this mani was that because it required so many coats of top coat that the polish was soooo thick that after a couple of days the polish just started to fall off, like my whole nail just peeled off entirely. Not to mention the remaining polish was a real bitch to take off, even with pure acetone. But if you like how this looks I would absolutley recommend giving this a try. I have some clear holographic flakes just like the silver ones but I have yet to attempt a mani with those, so I need to get crackin'! I don't think the clear ones are quite as thick as the silver ones but I'll try and do a post about those as soon as I can. :)

here is a slightly blurry photo with flash, I was completely unable to capture the radiance of the flakes just right :/

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