Saturday, March 5, 2011

tri-color zebra print mani

It's been awhile since I've posted, but as usual life just stays crazy for me. I have several new manicures to post but for today I am going to upload my last oldie manicure I did at least 6 months ago. It probably looks similar to my tiger striped mani, and it should because it's using the same konad plate image. But the good thing about this is it shows you that there is more than one way to play around with konad. Here I panted my nails white then used a turquoise, hot pink and bright purple polish at and angle on the konad image and just stamped it onto the white polish. It didn't turn out quite as nice as I was hoping but I think it is because I didn't have any konad special polish in the colors I wanted to use, so I had to use what I already had and it just came out way to sheer. But once my collection of konad special polishes grow I will try this mani again and hopefully will get the desired results.

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