Friday, February 4, 2011

Xmas purses and Valentines Manicures

I know it's February but I wanted to do a post on what I got myself for xmas this past holiday season. Yeeeaah, I'm one of those people who usually gets themselves a present for xmas...and for my own birthday. But what's wrong with that? I think everyone deserve to splurge and treat themselves to something they have been pining over for months or even years once in a while, don't you? Well, anyways, I went shopping with my mom and cousin over the summer and we went in TJ Maxx and I saw this Betsy Johnson purse and fell in love immediatly! I really wanted it but was having to be careful with my money at the time and ended up not getting it. I had spent about 5 months thinking about that purse and when I went back in TJ Maxx in December to finish up my xmas shoppiing it was still in there! Last one too! So I decided it was fate, I had to have it.

So, as I was walking around the pocket book area just browsing, certainly not planning on buying another purse I saw this stunning Kathy Van Zeeland bag. I am a sucker for copper and bronze anything and this little beauty was just screaming at me. I said to myself "Don't let this happen again, don't pass up another bag that you KNOW you are going to be mentally going over in your head for months that you really wished you would have grabbed it." So, I listened to that little retail demon in my head and got that purse too, and I am so glad I did! It was worth the money spent. In fact, these are the only 2 bags I have been using since the early part of December. They are great and I am constantly getting compliments on both of them when I go out. 

I realize the Betsy bag is huge, but I work 12 hours shifts and am unable to leave my office so it comes in handy to take to work. I can fit everything from my flat iron, makeup essentials, my wallet, a bottle of water, books, my work notebook, body spray and even my lunch in it! Most definitely money well spent on that one. And on my off days I just quickly switch a few items into my smaller Kathy bag. I love the Kathy bag because it stays on my shoulder without slipping too much and the lining inside is too cute! It's pink and purple zebra stripes. Time for pics!

Betsy bag on left, Kathy bag on right

 See the pretty, clear sequins that covers the entire bag?

The inner pink and purple zebra print lining. 

Now, changing course a bit. Here is my Valentines manicure! I really like this more than I thought I would. I used 3 coats of Jessie's Girl "Beach Baby'' (which kind of disappointed me. It looked like a super hot pink neon in the bottle, but when I applied it it was actually a neon red. An exact dupe for China glazes "Rose Among Thorns" which I already own. But alas...) and then used my konad stamp plate in M13 and stamped a black rose at the base of each nail. However, on my thumb I stamped a black rose and the right lower corner and then a white rose on the left lower corner. I put a white bead in the center of each black rose and a black bead in the center of the white roses. Three coats of Seche vite top coat and there you have it! I just hope I can keep this manicure up till the 14! 

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