Friday, June 24, 2011

Awesome new MAC collection coming soon!

I saw this post on Temptalia's blog and am soooo excited for this new MAC collection to come out! I haven't been excited for a MAC collection since the Venomous Villains collection came out in September of last year. I really am only interested in the eyeshadows and the pink blush, I think I can totally live without the lipsticks and glosses. But wow, those eyeshadows are amazing! I'm not sure when this collection is supposed to be available but I think maybe next month is what I read on Spektra? Anyway, just click on the link to Temptalia's webpage and you can see photos and swatches. I think I may actually skip out on that bright yellow shadow, the swatch just looks silver/grey and I want some of that vibrant yellow to stand out! But the rest of the shadows are just so pigmented and gorgeous and I have nothing like them in my collection, so these babies are a must have! Let me know what you guys think about this upcoming collection, what are you planning on getting?

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