Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wearable yellow look

 Hey everyone, I just realized that I have never really posted any of my makeup looks on here! That's crazy! So, today I am going to have a really short post but of a makeup look that I really like and think is kind of different. It's a yellow and brown look. I used glamour doll eyes "lemonade" on my lid and a brown discontinued Estee Lauder shadow in my crease and a shimmery champange highlight. It's nothing to difficult and I think most anyone could pull it off. I don't see a lot of yellow "everyday" looks on people and I think it is because it intimidates people. I think people think that if you're going to wear yellow shadow it has to be with some bright, bold, crazy look and that's not true. I've worn this look several times and really enjoy wearing it- I think it could even be suitable for work! Well, here are a few pics- let me know if you guys try this look out or post pictures of a wearable yellow look you have done! I'd love to see :)

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