Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jane Mineral Gel Liner and Brush

I am doing this review more so about the brush than the actual liner. This is THE BEST eyeliner brush I have ever owned. Seriously. the bristles are soft, yet stiff enough that I can easily draw a thin line under my waterline without the line becoming to thick. It's also angled well so I don't have to finagle (sp?) the brush all around my eye as well.This brush is just as good as any high end eyeliner brush. I prefer to my L'oreal HIP liner brushes (those I think are to wide and the bristles are too rough for my personal taste). And I only paid about $4 at Walmart for the gel liner and the brush together (the brush obviously comes with the liner). If anyone is looking for a good eyeliner brush go buy the Jane mineral liners that come with the brush. There are several different shades of liner like teal, navy blue, brown, plum and of course, black. The actual liner it's self is pretty decent stuff for $4, but it tends to smudge easily under the waterline. I've been using the liner almost daily for about a month and it hasn't dried up at all and I've heard that the HIP liners dry up easily, so this may be another reason to purchase this instead. So, there ya go. Here's some pics.

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  1. I have this...I loooove it. Even the liner is great. Stays on all day. I havent tried the brush because I have the sonia kashuk one and i love love love it.....but this is great stuff:)